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Cornell University is at the forefront of food science and technology. As New York’s land grant institution, Cornell has a long history of partnering with industry to produce relevant and timely applied science. As a part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), the Cornell Institute for Food Systems Industry Partnership Program (CIFS-IPP) boasts a truly interdisciplinary membership and is a venue for multiple perspectives to come together.

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Who We Are

The Industry Partnership Program is an exciting, new public-private partnership that expands and enhances engagement of Cornell University faculty and staff with industry scientists, engineers, and business leaders throughout the food system.

A chapter in Cornell’s rich land grant heritage, CIFS-IPP is an interdisciplinary institute that facilitates mutually beneficial, two-way communication between Cornell scientists and Industry partners. Members collaborate and discuss important industry challenges with Cornell’s world-class scientists, giving CIFS Faculty Fellows opportunities to design flexible and responsive research that directly addresses issues in the food industry. As a result, CIFS-IPP is able to offer a variety of services that inform industry practice with cutting-edge and relevant science, pushing our food industry partners to the forefront of research, development, and technology.

What We Do

Through collaborative efforts between leading industry partners and Cornell University faculty and staff, CIFS-IPP finds solutions to today’s food system challenges while shaping tomorrow’s discoveries.

The Partnership is focused on identifying opportunities and addressing critical issues across four thematic food system platforms:

  • Food and Health
  • Food Safety
  • Ingredient and Processing Technologies
  • Food Entrepreneurship

CIFS-IPP Objectives

CIFS-IPP leverages the multidisciplinary strengths of its academic and industry partners to achieve several important objectives that give members a competitive edge in a challenging market:

  • Establish and foster research and educational collaborations between leading industry and university scientists
  • Provide a forum for networking and collaboration between industrial research scientists, business leaders, and Cornell faculty
  • Facilitate the translation and conveyance of cutting-edge food research to members
  • Provide a framework whereby members can gain access to pilot scale equipment at the Cornell pilot plants
  • Facilitate technology transfer from laboratory and pilot plant discoveries to commercial applications
  • Provide assistance in diagnosing and solving specific quality, safety, and environmental problems in food processing, packaging, distribution, and retailing operations
  • Enhance the impact of Cornell research by identifying knowledge gaps that affect the quality and safety of our food supply though discussions with industry members
  • Provide opportunities for industrial research scientists to engage with Cornell students

Additional Information

CIFS-IPP offers a variety of Membership Opportunities to suit the needs of all of our members. Please contact our Industry Liaison Officer to discuss how our program can benefit your company.