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IPP Membership Levels

CIFS-IPP offers two levels of membership to suit a range of needs:

  • Gold Partners may join with a $25,000 annual investment. All Gold Partners may designate a senior level representative to the CIFS-IPP Executive Board, which serves a stewardship role.
  • Silver Partners may join with a $10,000 annual investment.

Our members may establish a relationship with us for a one to five year period, to be paid annually. The annual fee for multi-year memberships will be held at the original price, with associated benefits for the full term of the contract. We encourage all members to complete a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the initiation of their membership, which will apply for the full term of the membership and provide efficiency for both Cornell University and our partners.

Opportunities to become either a Major Donor who supports the long-term sustainability of the Partnership or a Sponsor of specific programs are also available; please inquire with our Industry Liaison Officer.

More Information

If you believe, as we do, that your company will benefit by joining a world-class public-private partnership, we invite you to Join Us and to explore your options with our staff.