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Optimizing Your Investment

Involvement in the Industry Partnership Program enables your company to greatly leverage and enhance the impact of your research and development departments by gaining priority access to a large group of outstanding scientists and engineers as well as a full suite of services. Greater engagement in the Partnership yields greater return on investment. We encourage our members to take full advantage of all of our program services and benefits and to recognize the potential for synergy among them.

Industry Example

As a medium-sized food processing company, you decide to become a member of CIFS-IPP in order to take advantage of the discounted use of Cornell’s processing plants, since your company is not yet large enough to build its own research and development facilities. As a member, you also have priority access to CIFS-IPP’s conferences, workshops, and seminars, so you decide to attend a workshop on the most current food safety procedures. Following the workshop, you request a consulting session with a small group of some of the leading food scientists in the nation, and you realize you need a defined piece of applications research, which you can quickly access through the Partnership with experts who understand your issue. Later in the year, you and three of your employees attend the Cornell Food Systems Global Summit, where you network and hear about emerging technologies. You leave with new ideas that lay the foundation for future advances in new product development at your company.

Over the course of the year, as a Gold Partner in CIFS-IPP, you have saved your company over $10,000 by taking advantage of many services that the program offers. You have participated in several key areas of CIFS-IPP, and together, they have resulted in synergies for the company, employees, and new product development.  

More Information

Contact our Industry Liaison Officer today to discuss how a tailored partnership plan for your company could propel your research and development initiatives to the next level and beyond your competition.