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2014 Global Summit Overview

Summary: Cornell Food Systems Global Summit 2014, Public-Private Partnerships to Enhance Food Systems

Amidst the many uncertainties we face as our population soars to over 9 billion people with growing demands for diverse and nutritious diets, it has become clear that collaboration within the food industry will be a necessity. At the Cornell Food Systems Global Summit, nearly 130 people representing more than 35 companies demonstrated their dedication to fostering the public-private partnerships that will be a vital part of feeding the world’s future population. Throughout the day, participants enjoyed a variety of avenues for networking as well as provocative speaker presentations on topics as diverse as big data analysis, small business incubation, and nanotechnology in the food industry. Technology demonstrations and tours held in Stocking Hall’s state-of-the-art facilities provided an opportunity to see examples of innovation in action, while the graduate student poster session offered a look into what the future may hold. Over dinner, Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, capped off the day by sharing his own experiences as a researcher working with restaurants, schools, and other organizations to promote healthy eating.  Click here to read the white paper from the 2014 Summit.

2014 Agenda

  • Welcome, Olga Padilla-Zakour, Professor & Chair, Department of Food Science, Cornell University
  • Opening Remarks, Kathryn J. Boor, Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Cornell University
  • Summit Moderator, Robert B. Gravani, IFT Past-President
  • The Nexus of Nutrition: Food and Health

    • Jeff Boutelle, Beech-Nut, "Delight Consumers by Conserving the Goodness of Nature"
    • Rui Hai Liu, Professor, Department of Food Science, Cornell University, "Bioactive Food Components for Cancer Prevention and Healthy Aging"
    • Susan Brown, Professor, School of Integrative Plant Science, Horticulture Section, "Breeding, Genetic and Genomic Resources to Improve Apples"
    • Questions, Answers & Discussion
  • Network with Summit Participants
  • An Appetite for Food News

    • Bruce Lewenstein, Department of Communication, Cornell University, "Science News Today!"
    • Nicola Twilley, Edible Geography, The Price of Cold
    • Questions, Answers & Discussion
  • Networking Lunch

    • Technology Demonstrations
    • Graduate Student Poster Session
    • Resource Exhibits
    • Stocking Hall Tours (self-guided)
  • Food System Strategies for Feeding 9 Billion: CIFS Faculty Fellows Panel

    • Panel Moderator: Dennis Miller, Professor, Department of Food Science, Cornell University
    • Panel Members: Xingen Lei, Professor, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University; Prabhu Pingali, Professor and Director of Tata-Cornell Agriculture Nutrition Initiative (TCi), Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management; Michael Mazourek, Assistant Professor, School of Integrative Plant Science, Plant Breeding and Genetics Section & Horticulture Section; view panel presentation here
    • Questions, Answers & Discussion
  • New Approaches in Food Safety

  • Cooking Up New Business: Advanced Technologies and Entrepreneurship

  • The Flavor of Innovation: Foods of the Future

    • Carmen Moraru, Associate Professor, Department of Food Science, Cornell University, "Nanotechnology and Food: Applications, opportunities and challenges"
    • Hod Lipson, Associate Professor, Creative Machines Lab, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "Print and Eat: Overview, challenges and opportunities in food printing"
    • Questions, Answers & Discussion
  • Strategies for Enhancing Partnerships

    • Kim Wagner, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
    • Questions, Answers & Discussion
  • Wine and Cheese Reception, Stocking Hall Gallery

  • Slim by Design: Fine Dining with Brian Wansink

  • Closing Remarks, Robert B. Gravani