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Covance Spotlight: Solutions Made Real




About Covance® Food Solutions

Covance, a subsidiary of LabCorp®, is an international leader in industry solution services for the food, dietary supplement, and agricultural biotechnology industries, among others. Recently, Covance combined forces with long-time Cornell Department of Food Sciences partner IFN® (International Food Network). Together, they now offer integrated solutions that span the entire life cycle of food systems products, from concept to commercialization, including product and process development, nutritional chemistry, food safety consulting and training, and recipe development. Their clients benefit from customized solutions developed by the industry’s best minds and shaped by decades of hands-on experience. Covance strives to create a cleaner, safer, and healthier planet by advancing the food industry with leadership, partnership, and collaboration.

Cornell and Covance: Past, Present, and Future

Peter Salmon founded the International Food Network, now integrated with Covance Food Solutions, almost 30 years ago. He located his first office in Ithaca specifically to be close to Cornell’s premier Food Science Program and state-of-the-art Pilot Plant facilities.

Since then, Cornell and Covance have remained strong partners, most recently formalizing their long and productive relationship through the Cornell Institute for Food Systems Industry Partnership Program (CIFS-IPP).

“For the past three decades, we’ve enjoyed a strong relationship that has not only resulted in good business for both Covance and Cornell, but has also provided professional development opportunities for Cornell students as interns and high caliber employees,” Salmon said. 

Members of Cornell’s Department of Food Science echoed Salmon’s sentiments about their long-standing partnership.

“As chair, I always valued Peter’s advice and suggestions. We have a strong and mutually beneficial relationship,” said Dennis Miller, a professor of Food Chemistry and Nutrition since 1978 and chair of the Department twice during that time.

Salmon, who sits on the Department’s Advisory Council, and his employees have been active participants at Cornell, frequently presenting product development seminars and talks, as well as collaborating on research with faculty. They continue to use Cornell’s pilot plant, in addition to their own, when scaling up processing methods and operations from the bench top, to the pilot plant, to full manufacturing scale. Visitors to the new facilities at Stocking Hall will note a seminar room that was gifted to the University by Covance/IFN in commemoration of their many years of fruitful collaborations.

Moving forward, Covance plans to utilize its new CIFS-IPP membership to enhance its analytical and processing capabilities, improve professional development and networking opportunities for its associates, and grow new business development initiatives. It also provides opportunities to interact with peers from IPP member companies and Cornell faculty through the CIFS sponsored events and symposiums.

The partnership will also open up new pathways for engagement between Cornell students and Covance recruitment and internship programs. “Covance is a great training ground for young graduates who want to become product developers, and many end up staying with the company for decades,” said Cornell’s Miller.

Dr. Eric James, a group leader and experienced research and development associate at the Ithaca office, summarized his excitement for the program as a continuation of an already strong and reciprocal relationship with new opportunities for growth and collaboration. “CIFS-IPP’s services will help us support our client’s needs even more quickly, effectively, and seamlessly than ever before,” he said