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Program Services & Benefits

CIFS-IPP members experience unparalleled access to a multidisciplinary network of over 60 Cornell University faculty and staff whose work is focused on food science and technology. Through various forums, the partnership facilitates the transfer of research-based information and technology to industry partners locally, nationally, and around the world.

CIFS-IPP promotes innovative advances in the food sciences by bringing together experts from different disciplines and various groups along the food supply chain to think through issues and challenges from a variety of synergistic perspectives, giving our industry partners an edge over their competition.

Our members are encouraged to take advantage of all that CIFS-IPP has to offer. Conferences, trainings, consulting, and start-up assistance are just a few ways to interact with the Industry Partnership Program.

CIFS-IPP Program Services and Benefits


Cornell Food Systems Global Summit

The Cornell Food Systems Global Summit is designed to spark new ways of seeing and solving issues related to feeding the world’s growing population. Members from across the food value chain convene annually to hear global authorities speak on the potential impacts of advanced technologies and scientific discoveries in the food system. Learn More


Targeted Research

CIFS-IPP members have unparalleled access to Cornell University’s expert researchers, who are trained in a range of disciplines in food science and technology. More than 60 faculty and staff from over a dozen Departments are available to collaborate with CIFS-IPP members to address food-related challenges with real-world solutions. Learn More

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Engagement with Students

One of the most important assets of any company is its people. Our members have several unique opportunities throughout the year to engage with, attract, and recruit Cornell’s highly qualified BS, MPS, MS, and PhD students, who are among the best and brightest food science students in the country. Learn More


Cross-disciplinary Consulting

One of CIFS-IPP’s core strengths is its access to multidisciplinary Faculty Fellows, who tackle diverse issues in the food industry from many angles and considers multiple perspectives, which tackles diverse issues in the food industry from many angles and considers multiple perspectives. CIFS-IPP provides its members with access to a synergistic team of handpicked faculty and staff to consult and strategize about current industry challenges. Learn More

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Processing Facilities

No matter the scale of production, new product testing and development are risky but important business investments. CIFS-IPP helps to defray some of those costs to its members by providing discounted access to Cornell University’s state-of-the-art, fully licensed facilities, advanced equipment, and experienced staff. Learn More

Production Line

Start-up and Technology Transfer Assistance

The Department of Food Science has over a decade of experience in and commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit so critical to advancing new processing approaches. CIFS-IPP members receive a number of unique and helpful liaison services for new and established businesses. Learn More



Building on Cornell’s Land Grant tradition of providing outstanding outreach and education programs, CIFS-IPP strives to develop and offer workshops and seminars on critical technical topics to support our members throughout the food supply chain. CIFS-IPP members may participate in over 50 existing programs, request on-site training, or spend a day in one of Cornell’s cutting edge laboratories. Learn More

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Conferences, Seminars, and Webinars

CIFS-IPP leverages the unique strengths and multidisciplinary expertise of CIFS faculty members to provide members with unique, innovative, and relevant programs and learning opportunities. CIFS-IPP members enjoy free registration for specialty conferences organized by Cornell faculty. Learn More

Additional Information

Please contact our Industry Liaison Officer to discuss how your company can best take advantage of our program’s features and to develop a customized plan for how to maximize your investment with CIFS-IPP.