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Engagement with Students

Wine Analysis

One of the most important assets of any company is its people. Having inside access to a pool of highly intelligent, motivated, and dedicated potential employees and interns is an invaluable resource.

CIFS-IPP members have several opportunities throughout the year to engage with Cornell’s outstanding and highly qualified food science students, some of the best, brightest, and most highly recruited students in the country.

Graduates of the Cornell University Department of Food Science are found in senior management positions in research and development departments around the world. They do research, publish papers, and consistently excel in industry and academic research competitions. Over half of our undergraduates also have international experience, and many of them minor in business in order to understand all facets of the industry.

Member Benefits

IPP members are offered several opportunities throughout the year to interact with, attract, and potentially even recruit Cornell BS, MPS, MS, and PhD students:


Silver Partner

Gold Partner

Assistance from the Department of Food Science and the CALS Career Office to arrange info sessions and on-site interviews X X
Propose and sponsor a graduate student research project approved by faculty and company management X X
Opportunity to participate as a student mentor, including job shadowing X X
Guidance on how to best market your company to our students X X
Access through the Graduate Student Poster Session at the Cornell Food Systems Global Summit X X
Eligibility to serve as an Ad Hoc Advisor on an MPS student’s project (student can be an employee that the company is sponsoring to pursue an MPS degree)   X
Eligibility to serve as an Ad Hoc Committee Member on an MS or PhD student committee   X
Consideration as a guest lecturer to teach a case study during a Food Science course   X

Please contact our Industry Liaison Officer to discuss how we may support your efforts to attract and engage with outstanding BS, MPS, MS, and PhD students who align with your culture and product portfolio.