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Global Summit

Stocking Hall

Each year, CIFS-IPP members from across the food value chain have the opportunity to convene at Cornell University’s Stocking Hall to hear global authorities speak on the potential impacts of advanced technologies and scientific discoveries in the food system.

The goal of the global summit is to spark new ways of seeing and solving issues related to feeding the world’s growing population. The summit facilitates new, exciting, and entrepreneurial ideas through an exchange between the research community and all parts of the food system, from agriculture to food processing, packaging, and retail. Participants can expect a provocative, transformational, “think differently” kind of experience as they forge new industry collaborations; renew existing connections; and engage with Cornell faculty, staff, and students.

Member Benefits

CIFS-IPP members have several exclusive opportunities to design, interact, and participate in the Cornell Food Systems Global Summit:


Silver Partner

Gold Partner

Attendance included in membership 2 4
Networking and knowledge sharing with other CIFS-IPP members X X
Selective demonstrations at Cornell University Pilot Plants and laboratories X X
Opportunity to review Cornell Food Systems Global Summit white paper prior to publication   X

Please contact our Industry Liaison Officer today to discuss how the Cornell Food Systems Global Summit can push you and your business to the forefront of technology and discovery in the food system.